We are the visionaries, the designers, and the printers . . .

and we live for this stuff. We design for the sheer love of it, receiving our own personal rewards through the joy we experience during the creative process itself. No matter the project at hand, we agonize over every detail—even the seemingly insignificant ones. From the idea, to the design execution, to the printing and fabrication, we approach each and every component with pure design-driven passion. And we do it all in our own boutique design and print shop. Sure, we might be control freaks, but that’s what makes every piece we touch nothing short of a small work of art.


Elum’s obsession with design can be traced back to founder Melissa Foster. Always the artist, fashion & design junkie, Melissa took a job working at a boutique print shop in the late nineties. While there, she became a print and color aficionado and a paper fanatic. She had access to the most incredible cotton paper samples from around the world. Dismayed by the lack of market demand and cost-prohibitive nature of these luxurious materials, Melissa found herself longing to find a use for the beautiful fibrous papers. Melissa would soon find out that the ebbing art form of letterpress printing was the perfect medium. When Melissa saw her own original modern artwork come to life through letterpress, she knew instantly that the look was something very different and very special. In 2001, combining her lifetime passion for art & design with the finest pure cotton rag papers, Melissa launched Elum and reintroduced letterpress to a more modern society. The audience was captivated.

Fast forward to today and Elum has evolved into the premier letterpress design studio in the country, known for its high-end, trendsetting designs that smartly incorporate a pop of the unexpected. But Elum has neither forgotten nor forsaken the guiding principles upon which it was founded. Elum is just as uncompromising today in its commitment to impeccable craftsmanship and superb materials as it was at its onset, and, from the outset, that staunch devotion has elicited excitement and accolades.

Soon after its inception, Elum was featured on NBC’s The Today Show and appeared in a number of acclaimed publications— Food & Wine, British Vogue, Martha Stewart, and In Style, to name a few. Since then, Elum has accumulated a plethora of published recognitions; Inside Weddings dubbed Elum one of the “Ten Most Influential Invitation Designers,” Stationery Today christened Elum one of “Today’s Top Stationery Designers,” and Stationery Trendsnamed Elum a “Top Designer to Watch.”

Elum’s avant-garde designs have yielded a myriad of devotees, including a wide range of celebrity clientele such as Uma Thurman, Ellen DeGeneres, Porcia DeRossi, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, and Nate Berkus. The company looks forward to challenging and advancing the stationery industry for years to come, maintaining that subtle differences make all the difference in the world.